Create a healthy, happy now by healing the wounds of then.

Learn. Harness. Build.

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Hi, I’m Robin

and I want to help you create the best, most important relationship you’ll ever have in your life.

Everything is a relationship.

Lovers. Friends. Family. Work. Grocery Clerks. Uber Drivers. Teachers. Strangers. Companions.

Every relationship we have is a part of a pattern in some form, weaved together, making us who we are and shaping who we will be.

I will teach you how to identify your behavioral patterns, heal from the trauma and drama of the past, and design your future self.

Most of us exist in an unconscious cycle of behavior, playing the same core wounding out in different ways.

I know so many of you are feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed, confused, anxious, depressed, fearful, and not sure where to start.

My work was created with you in mind.

The reality is that the only way to heal our inner wounding and emotional challenges is through building a safe relationship with ourselves.

I will teach you how to find and care for the wounded parts of you, make your soul feel safe, and empower you to grow into who you are meant to be.

I will help you shift the relationship to you.

It’s time to learn what’s holding you back and harness your healing to build the life you want to live.


What I Offer

I’ve spent the last five years of my life putting together an interconnected system that combines the teaching of new skills and concepts, coaching, and supported application.  My method of coaching combines evidence-based models from the therapeutic world used in conjunction with a direct and action oriented approach. 

Go beyond just learning the origin of your wounding, get the tools you need to harness that wounding in a healthy way in order to build the life you want to live. 

I will help you understand attachment in relationships, identify patterns, and equip you with emotional jedi skills needed to live your life to the fullest.


Get personal development, life design, and relationship support tailored to you and your inner needs. Move forward through healing with me in safe, personalized, action-oriented coaching sessions. Individual, small group, and couple coaching focused on unearthing patterns while building love, value, trust, and esteem through doing.

Speaking and Workshops

My fun, engaging workshops and presentations are designed to inspire teams and individuals to make sustainable changes, improving their personal and professional lives. Choose from my popular workshops and speaking topics like:

  • Better boundaries
  • Lens of Attachment
  • What feelings are really telling you
  • Meeting your inner child and teenager
  • Self-care through Esteemable Actions
  • Boundaries in divorce/co-parenting
  • Boundaries at work
  • Should I stay or should I go?
  • Moving Past Toxic Relationships
  • Self Esteem


Join my Shift Happens: 5 Weeks to Better Relationships Course. Part interactive coaching and part self-guided 5-week course where you will learn to set healthy boundaries, regulate expectations, develop self-esteem through self-care, undo the patterns that no longer serve you, and build the life you want. 

Why Me

When you view your life through the lens of attachment, you can uncover patterns that emerge through your life. How we attached to our primary care givers and how we managed our challenging feelings early on in our life are what drive you to repeat the same behaviors in different ways throughout our life.

I help you understand your attachment style and how to use that understanding to better your relationships and your life.


My Approach


  • Learn how to access your voice in relationships to communicate what you want and need.
  • Learn how to have kick ass boundaries everywhere in your life.
  • Learn to manage and tolerate your feelings without hurting yourself and others.
  • Learn how to manage conflict in personal and professional relationships.
  • Learn how to consciously date and choose healthy partners.
  • Learn how to break generational patterns and become a healthier parent.


  • Understand what you truly want and need in your relationships.
  • Take your power back from the trauma and dramas of the past.
  • Break the cycle of unhealthy patterns and relationships.
  • Develop a higher level of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Decide whether to stay or leave a relationship, job, and/or situation.
  • Get into action on how to make healthier choices for yourself.


  • Develop true self-esteem and self-awareness.
  • Develop a loving relationship with yourself where you trust and nurture yourself.
  • Establish a self-care lifestyle that builds esteem through doing esteemable actions.
  • Heal challenges and familial dynamics.
  • Operate in life from the secure part of self, the highest healthiest part of you.


Robin Breckenridge

I’m an educator, public speaker, and certified Life and Relationship Coach.

From my past work in education to close to a decade of personal relationship coaching, I have quite literally worked with people from all walks of life and all ages.

My background and experience in behavioral education coupled with my own personal experiences with challenging relationships make me an exceptional coach for those looking to shift unhealthy behavioral patterns.

I’ve helped hundreds of people profoundly heal their relationships and rise from the trauma and drama of the past.

Read More About My Journey
I have both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in education with a specialization in Emotional Impairment.

While teaching incarcerated juveniles, I had a profound experience of witnessing how our attachments in childhood shape the way we show up in all areas of our lives.

The traumas we carry with us affect how we interact within the world and then those interactions shape our relationships, large and small. They hold us back, they trap us in cycles living the same traumas in different ways.

Through my work and life, I discovered everyone is searching in one way or another to heal the wounds of the past, often without even realizing it. Seeking to be seen, heard, and to be good enough.

In fact, I didn’t realize for a long time that I was repeating the same ways to manage and tolerate my challenges.

It took some soul shaking relationship challenges to wake me up to my patterns and dysfunction, to recognize my own emotional limitations stemming from my past experiences.

Through coaching and therapy, I was able to address and heal the relational trauma that kept showing up in my life. I was able to shift my relationship healing to my inner self.

I’ve seen the profound effects this has on your life firsthand and I’m passionate about bringing that healing to others.


I have a reputation of being a strong system of loving support for my clients. I strive to live up to my given nickname of “Rockstar” with my unique style and passionate energy.

I’ve got the training, education, and experiential knowledge to back up my approaches to coaching in a fresh and modern way.

But most importantly, my clients have achieved the results and are living the lives they designed.


Robin Breckenridge has been the most valuable coach and mentor I have ever worked with.

And I have been in various kinds of therapy since I was thirteen years old.  She was recommended to me during a time in my life when I honestly didn’t see a way out of the pain I was in and there is no question that she helped me to find the strength to save my own life.  She has an innate ability to  meet me wherever I am at with kindness and compassion,  while at the same time holding me accountable for the ways in which I have power and control in my life.   As a survivor of a sociopathic and narcissistically abusive partner, I am now incredibly aware of the very limited number of professionals who understand this type of abuse and who are appropriately equipped to address its complexity and its devastating effects.  I am so very lucky to have been given the gift of her expertise and experience.  She has quite literally been the light, and held the light, out of the darkness.

– Nikki D.


Working with Robin has been nothing short of a revelation.

The first amazingness comes when you realize that neither you nor that disastrous ex of yours is broken or insane (Necessarily lol) but that you’ve simply been running an attachment script that may be interfering with your concept of your higher self in relationship to others… Whoops…

 Robin’s work is incredibly clarifying and her way is grounded and practical as much as it is compassionate and forward thinking. Her sense of humor and ability to laugh at herself is infectious and a welcome relief sometimes to the deep work that can be uncovered. Her approach feels like, congrats, you’re human, now get to work and have fun trying the new stuff. Eternally grateful.

– David S.


I cannot recommend Robin highly enough.

She did more for me in one year of coaching than many (and I mean many) therapists did for me in two decades prior to meeting Robin.  What Robin did for me was she helped me CHANGE my thinking and CHANGE my life.  She gave me SO MUCH CLARITY.  What I am most grateful to Robin for, is helping me to look at my friendships and to give me the confidence to back away from those that were not working for me, GUILT FREE!!!   She gave me FREEDOM, and it feels SO GOOD to be free. She is also SO SUPPORTIVE, so loving and non-judgmental.  I am forever grateful to her and so happy that what feels like by chance, that I heard of her.  Do yourself a favor and give her a try.

– Tena F.

Are you ready to start healing and heading towards the life you want to live?